F# support in 2018

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How is the F-sharp support currently?

Since the documentation shows me “syntax not yet implemented” on 4/4 randomly chosen features…

The syntax not implemented message is about displaying the declarations in F# syntax in the docs. You can use F# just fine with MonoGame. There’s nothing special about a MonoGame assembly with regards to how it’s executed, so you can use F# or VB or any other CLI language :slight_smile: There are no official templates to start a new game, but porting the c# templates should be pretty easy (it’s just a Game implementation, you could even let your IDE implement it probably). There’s some unofficial templates floating around too; at least for VB, not sure about F#.

And what can we do about the documentation?

I’ve set up docfx as the new doc generator and am working on a brand new docs page. I don’t have a lot of free time at the moment though.

The WIP docs are hosted with GitHub Pages here. There’s some details left for the articles pages and API reference still needs a whole lot of work, but I think it’s already pretty good compared to the old docs. If anyone checks it out, you can report any issues or design requests on the GitHub repo. Please don’t report API page issues yet though.

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Thanks a lot :blush:

If they are already an improvment compared to the old docs, is it probably time to replace them with those?

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@Jjagg can I help with that effort so F# is in future represented in the docs too? :smiley: