Failed to create graphics device

I know theres other posts asking this but they seem to be targetted at windows issues… Im on Linux Mint (Ubuntu based distro) I generated projects which ran in windows, and have attempted to run them on linux (as well as generate it with the template via monodevelop) and all continue to tell me the same issue. I dont know if this is a general issue or probably specific to Linux Mint (Does this problem happen on Ubuntu directly?)

I also dont believe this is related to the prefermultisampling as 1 it never directly sets to true and 2 the most related post i saw was windows complaining about it and my windows test didnt have that issue.

Any advice would be appreciated im a bit stuck tryna make this project - Im getting the bugs worked out of my development environment before i attempt to switch my sfml project to monogame since sfml is quite buggy itself with features i need.