FBX animations

I’m not sure how things work with animations, but i’d like to know if anyone has made a tutorial on how to load the animations contained in fbx files.

I use Aether.Extras made by @nkast to help with that part and so far it worked wonders. You need to make sure that your top NLA strip is the T-pose of the model (or the initial one if it’s not humanoid). You have also the example on how to load an animated model on that Github page as well, under the folder Animations.


I’ve found the Aether.Extras, but it seemss to work only with DirectX. I don’t know if it is usable with dotnet core too.
Maybe @nkast can answer me ?

The libraries in folder /bin/Windows/ are targeting dot.Net 4.0.
Usually I build against the PCL version of monogame when possible, not to a specific platform.However the libraries that have embeded shaders in that folder work only with Windows/DX.

I see that netcore has a compatibility mode that can run all .net framework assemblies, perhaps you can try that with the .Net40 assemblies in /bin/Windows/.

I don’t know what you actually want to do, maybe ‘https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/xamarin/graphics-games/monogame/introduction/part2’ is helpful to you.