FBX files can't find texture path from downloaded package

Hi there. I have downloaded a 3D Model pack from Unity. This has multiple models and a texture_atlas.png file. The models are all structured in a file system depending on what they are; e.g. Meshes\Bushes\Green\Dead\Bush_1.fbx. Well, I got rid of unnecessary files (e.g. HowToUse.pdf, all the prefabs etc.)
I then added the folder to my content pipeline tool and tried to build, but it gave me the error that E:\Unity\Projects\Pack\Textures\texture_atlas.png doesn't exist!. The folder E:\Unity\Projects\Pack\ isn’t my project folder, and I have come to the conclusion that this is the folder that the original maker of the pack used. How can I build the files with the texture_atlas.png? Thanks to any help!

err, edit the model files and find the path data?

Well, fbx is mainly just garbled text in Notepad++.

so I can’t just “Change the path for the texture”

Did you scroll down?


USE NOTEPAD, NP++ might be trying to interpret the XML etc.


Did you try the model in Blender?

Yes, I tried to replace the actual file path (a\b\c\texture_atlas.png) with \ , .\ and nothing ( just texture_atlas.png) and they all return a block offset error when trying to load file fbx-tokenizer.

By the way I only did this for one file and tried to rebuild it each time.

In fact it’s not trying to interpret it as XML…

either way, I tried to open it in regular notepad, and still didn’t work.
*Note I even tried HXD, but still to no avail.

Yes, and it renders just fine. It finds the texture file and the material works fine as well. Although Blender would be tedious as though I have 600+ files…

My point was to re-export it through blender…


Perhaps, Batch Convert?

Hi !
Use ‘FBX converter’ from autodesk, you will be able to convert you binary fbx to an ascii one, editable with notepad or whatever :wink: