FBX or X model format?

I was curious as to which format people prefer?

The X file format seems to be significantly smaller for the same model than an FBX (when exporting from Blender).

However, it seems FBX is more widely used, and seems to have better support for things like animations (from what I can see).

There also seems to be a big difference in scale when exporting a model from Blender i.e. the X model needs to be 100 times larger in Monogame than the same model exported as FBX. With the FBX export, there’s at least an option to set the export scale, but Blender doesn’t seem to offer that option when exporting the X file.

I guess I am basically just trying to convince myself to stick with FBX even though X files are significantly smaller and readable / editable i.e. text files :slight_smile:

But the converted .xnb size is probably the same, right? Can someone test it out?

That would be the interesting question. I don’t care whether my build is bigger or not when the end result is the same. That said, I haven’t seen any downsides to .x yet, so why not use that?

@kosmonautgames You’re right… it looks like the .xnb size is the same for both fbx and .x.

Does .x also supported animated (skinned models)? I’ve seen ways to get animation working with fbx files, but haven’t seen anyone mention animating models via .x files. Perhaps that just works…

FBX does have some nice “free” tools available like the Autodesk converter as well a free app called FBX Review (from the Windows 10 Store) which will play animated FBX files.

It’s tough finding tools or articles / docs talking about .x files.

Although I must say, I had much fewer problems getting .x models working with Monogame than fbx models. FBX seems finicky depending on which version, binary vs. text etc.

I’ll probably stick with .x files for non animated models (unless I can get animated .x models working with Monogame as well).


FBX is probably the way to go, only because more tools can work with it or export it. Also the animation and skinning support is better.

Only trick is to ensure you export FBX in the right way and using the latest FBX standard else you will hit LOADS of troubles.

Let us not also forget that MonoGame also supports obj’s out of the box but I’ve never seen obj’s with animations stored in them.

Granted these days, it’s better to just store poses in your model and use an animation framework or separate animation data in a separate file.

just my two pence worth.

What other model formats does MonoGame support? I think I’ve heard Quake 3 models before?