Few questions for main developers...

  1. When you fix a night build server ?
  2. When you fix this irritating bug ? https://github.com/mono/MonoGame/issues/2495

Thank you !

well fiddler got sidetracked
but essential he made some very good fix’s
(were it was really really knoted up basically its ideologically spegettified)
anyways on win7 ogl in my tests
he has all the stuff needed in place to make it work
its not executed in the correct order

90% of solving a problem is fully understanding what the problem is …

here you can see what xna does
the code at the bottom of this text file output test
can also be placed in a monogame project and run
under vs if you click the project tab> properties> application
and select output type drop down to console application
you can then compare the different behavior in the console window
since this is a scripted test, you will get different results were you should not

to show how difficult this is to wrap your head around
i made this test just to understand what was going wrong behaviorally
the focus of the output is on what is being tested and what actually changed
shown in the output as ------ changes that occured ----------- before or after apply changes is called
under monogame these results are different from the xna test output shown above

to say it simply , without interpreting the difference of the results yourself

we can see whats happening better if we set AllowUserResize = true
were we can see correct behavior occur but we must make it occur

to go from windowed mode to fullscreen

Incorrect behavior
if you hit fullscreen from windowed (while not haveing maximized your window)
it will not set the correct window position after a mode change has been made
it will also not remove the window borders or title bar

correct behavior shown
if you first maximize your window then call fullscreen
it will correctly fullscreen the window and remove the borders ect… as expected just like in xna
the video mode is also actually changed

so on that case they could just simply force a maximize then call fullscrenn

Going from Fullscreen to windowed
incorrect behavior
this doesn’t correctly change the window position or width height back
it will reposition the top left to possibly negative coordinates
and does not reset the width height to previous windowed w h
it also doesn’t turn the applications window borders back on

and so ,
if you had maximized the window to goto fullscreen then come back out
the minimize button will no longer be clickable as the top window border is above the visible screen

thus in the case of fullscreen to windowed with user resizing
minimize should be called by monogame
the borders made visible and the windows positions
should be placed back to previous minimized screen postions

Oh, I tried fix it too and did not put in mind how difficult it could be…