files exits in 2 folders error[SOLVED]

how to fix this?
didn’t have this when i was working on the project.

hmm… Looks like an older version of monogame? Perhaps you should uninstall xna / monogame, and re-install the newest version?

I think at least remove the old XNA stuff.

its the latest monogame verison

ok, the 3.0 in the error window threw me off…

In any case, I dont have the xna folder in my GAC_32 folder as you do. Since monogame has you covered for the file in question, I’d try removing the old XNA installment.

did that.
and,suddenly i got A NEW error - he’s saying the image references do not exist,and i tried to write the load code again,change path,still wont recognize :\

If you can post your code, and maybe a screen-shot of the error it throws, I will take a look.

Maybe you should post it in a new thread, and mark this one as solved?

Just tested your @ in my code, works fine, neat trick!

Then I guess, check that the file properties in the solution explorer for the images, and make sure they are set to “content” and “copy if newer”

yes they are

haha fixing 1 error,then i have another one,fixing that,another one

Ok, have you checked the folder associated with your project to see if the files are actually there?
-In the solution explorer, right click on the content folder, and select “open folder in explorer”…

Also, check your Game1 Constructor that you have Content.RootDirectory = “Content”; …If that is where you have your content…

Otherwise, you should open another thread with your current problem… I’m positive some of the more seasoned guys can help with this…

yes i checked,thank you i will open a new thread