Finally completed my migration from XNA to MonoGame, such a big relief.

I started my game during the old XNA/Creator Club era. With a decent paying job, family and house payment I just couldn’t put full time into the game. During lockdown I finally had time to migrate to MonoGame. All my tools was written with winform so the migration included moving to imgui. I’m relieved I don’t have to keep a very old version of VS around for XNA. My only concern is that it seems the development of MonoGame seems to have slowed alittle (I could be wrong). I would love to contribute to MonoGame but I feel I’m not good enough and my little free time. I’m just happy I no longer have to deal with XNA.


With the MXA installs, you could still use XNA up to VS 2019. But it is great to hear you have migrated to MonoGame and all the additional wonders it brings (and oh, the platforms :smiley: )

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Here is my level editor (all textures is temp, taken from old games). Ported from XNA Winform to MonoGame imgui. I love winform but for some reason there is more of overhead with MonoGame then XNA with winform.


Becaus winforms and imgui are fundamentally different. Imgui UI is regenerated every single frame while winforms cache the crap out of everything. This allows imgui to be extremely smooth and dynamic at the cost of consuming more processing power.

@Martenfur totally agree immediate mode is more efficient than retained. While one can build some pretty awful ui with winforms, you can also build some pretty nice looking ui with winforms. I have a warm spot in my heart for winform. I’m old enough to remember when unreal editor gui was built with vb6 and winforms. I was just surprised at the performance of monogame in winform vs xna…