Firebird Database Engine for Game Developers

It has been difficult for me to put in time on my own military simulation development in the past several months due to another project I am currently developing. In this project, I am currently converting the database from SQL Server LocalDB to the Firebird Embedded Edition.

The Firebird Database is also the database that is used to support my military simulation.

Currently, Firebird is probably the best desktop database engine available. And due to its complete feature set, is far more powerful than SQLite in a very small footprint.

However, for experienced professionals and hobbyists who have worked with other database engines such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, coming to Firebird can be a shock to the system as a result of its own way of doing things.

To make things easier for anyone who wants to try out Firebird for their own projects, I have written a long piece on the many idiosyncrasies\inconsistencies with this database engine that are found between using a database manager and the ADO.NET provider.

For those who want an easier introduction to this highly capable database engine, you may find my article at the following link…

Firebird Database Article Link

Any and all comments to this piece are welcome… :slight_smile: