Fizz Filler

I’ve Finally released my second game, Fizz Filler on the WP8 Store. It took just over a 1 month to build from start to finish, after I got myself a basic engine running with MonoGame.

The objective of the game simple. Fill as many drinks as possible to earn money, which you can then spend on upgrades to increase the value of your drinks or speed of the production lines.

The game is ad-supported, completely free-to-play and has no form of in-app purchases.

I’d also like to congratulate the MonoGame team and contributors on such an amazing cross-platform framework. :smile:

My next task is to get the game onto the Windows 8 store, which shouldn’t be too much trouble with MonoGame under the hood. :blush:

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After several patches and a new update, the game finally has a hard mode!

Hard mode is a spin on the default game-mode in which you start with only a single conveyor, and must buy the other two once you earn enough coins. Each conveyor must also be upgraded separately in hard mode, which extends the gameplay quite a lot according to the few (good!) reviews/ratings its had so far.

If anyone is interested in the full changelog, you can find it at the new Fizz Filler mini-site, along with updated screenshots.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the game and the latest update, whether its good or bad!