FontDescriptionProcessor had unexpected failure

i am using VS2019 and i have monogame 3.7.1 installed. I keep getting this error message, my teacher cannot see what is wrong with the code. I need this urgently can someone help?

i am alsp using all these apps on my macbook but switched to windows 11 on the macbook

When I had a similar problem (friend, repo, font compiler error) it was caused because he didn’t have all the fonts I was using. Your fonts aren’t automatically uploaded to the repo. Make sure your friend has all the fonts you use.

At least, this is what worked for me.

For future reference, if youre using a custom font, you can add the font .ttf file inside the Content directory then in the .spritefont file, change the <FontName> element value to be the filename, including extension of the font file.

You dont add the font file itself in the MGCB editor, just put it in the Content directory.

This helps ensure when moving between envoriments and pcs that they will have the same font file to build the spritefont with. It doesnt event have to be installed on the PC.

Right. You don’t actually add the font to the MGCB, you add the .spritfont file. Absolutely correct.