FontDescriptionProcessor had unexpected failure!

A friend has downloaded my source code from the repo and, while trying to set up his environment, had 3 errors on his first build:
Processor ‘FontDescriptionProcessor’ had unexpected failure! twice and "The command dotnet mgcb failed with code 2. I assume this is an environmental problem.

Can anybody offer any suggestions that I can forward to him?

Sounds like the ttf fonts you are using are missing on his system.

Export the font from your windows directory, happy hunting :sweat_smile:

Though it has improved in recent years…

Ensure you package all external assets with your distributions, and that you have permissions to do so…


I just checked and the TTF fonts are in the repo CONTENT folder. Do they have to be installed on his machine, too?

Try the root exe folder

To refer to a specific font file (TTF) instead of a machine-installed font, your .spritefont must refer to it via the filename/path, instead of the font name. I.e. place your FontName.ttf file next to your SpriteFont.spritefont file, and within the SpriteFont.spritefont xml, refer to the font using <FontName>FontName.ttf</FontName> (as opposed to something like <FontName>Font Name</FontName>)


Thanks. I’ve passed this link on to my friend.