Fonts for languages?

Luckily my game needs next to nothing for localization and XNA’s GameStateManagement centered all the strings…

However, not all languages use the English characters and now I’m obviously going to need different fonts… What to do?

I got one from here:
enter link description here

Just be wary of licenses.

First one listed is not useable for commercial use or redistribution.

Yeah. Licenses are a major problem when it comes to game-assets in general.
You can find some links here if you like.

In general I use a big unicode-font (SpriteFont) in my game covering all latin / russian / greek character-sets.
If someone would want to translate the game to Japanese or Chinese I would implement some kind of font-switching in the game.
As of now the need for that hasn’t arisen. Currently we support German, English, French and Spanish.

You can also search for free fonts as well. I am using the Engine font that supports loads of letters and also free for use.