Forced termination when building and running with Release in Android Project of MonoGame 3.8.1

Device : Google Pixel 3a Android 12.1 - API32
Visual Studio: 2022 Professional
MonoGame : 3.8.1

When I create an Android project with MonoGame 3.8.1 and build and run it with Release, it terminates immediately after launch.
It’s easy to reproduce. Maybe it’s just my environment, so please check.

  1. Create MonoGame 3.8.1 Android Application Project
  2. Add SpriteFont to MGCB Editor. Name it “Font.spritefont”.
  3. Add var font = Content.Load<SpriteFont>("Font"); to LoadContent
  4. Do a Release build
  5. Run on Release

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Device : Google Pixel 3a Android 12.1 - API32
Visual Studio : 2022 Professional
MonoGame : 3.8.1

MonoGame 3.8.1 で Android プロジェクトを作成し、Release でビルドして実行すると、起動直後の終了してしまいます。

  1. MonoGame 3.8.1 Android Application Project を作成する
  2. MGCB Editor に SpriteFont を追加する。名前は “Font.spritefont” にします。
  3. LoadContentvar font = Content.Load<SpriteFont>("Font"); を追加
  4. Release ビルドをする
  5. Release で実行する

try debugging release with PDB symbols you will probably see it cant get assets or something. Aslo I haven’t been able to deploy AOT in my sample so i just use debug config + optimization for now… Theres just too much changes in the the whole toolchain that wil be fixed , i get an update from MSFT on vs2022 preview every few weeks, I recommend finding a way to make it work and then waiting till its stabilizes or canonica samples. I susggest for now Use USB debug/ deploy via that run with debug or witouth, and choose the lowest appearing device in the combo box or it will launch the emulator too, another little bug in vs 2022… i havent got archive and deploy working a a while also…

thank you for your answer.

I’m not in a situation where I have to move it right away, so I’ll wait and see.