Forum upgrade

Hey all! You may notice a few differences on the forum. We just finished upgrading it. All users will have to login again.

A few post where lost in the upgrade window, sorry!
I’ll see if I can recover them. If you notice anything off, please sent me a private message so I can resolve it. Thanks!


Thanks to @Jjagg for getting us all upgraded!

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Hi, thanks for info and effort.

  1. Can’t see the option to send a private message in messages or on the user profile, am i doing something wrong?
  2. If you can recover my post in Audio please, that would be great (my user was part of that window too, but created a new one that’s ok).


Oh,look, Letters…

Awesome guys!

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Now that you are on it, any chance to do this?

I’ve always thought that Discourse is a terrible pick for a developer forum, but this change would make it slightly more bearable.

In example, this would allow developers of libraries to edit the main post to keep at least the first post updated. Right now it’s a stream of messages “i’ve released 1.8.1 I’ve released 1.8.2” and you have to read the whole thread of 200 messages to search for the changes or the last version, which is mixed with questions from users that makes it really slow to browse.


That’s a good suggestion, I changed this. Users with Trust Level 2 (member) or higher can edit their posts forever.


Oh thank fog, No more new thread creation because it died off a few months back…

Nice move! :clap:

The forum might go down for a couple minutes later today. No worries, if it does it’ll be back up soon!
EDIT: Done, sorry about that :slight_smile:


JJagg wow you did a great job with the forum.

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Great work! Is there a chance at getting an SSL cert soon?

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Yes, working on it! Have to move over the rest of the website first :slight_smile:


Received an internal server error 500 when clicking two like hearts within a few seconds of each other, unsure if that is related but it is what I was doing at the time when I received the error, a thing to point out, the first like was the last post in the thread, then the post above it, after the error I refreshed the page, and the last post was not liked despite being the first one clicked on.

Hope that was helpful.

It was this thread:

And I found another bug, the share link is broken, it highlights the link to a post as a hyperlink instead of select-able text, the previous experience. The reason I am bringing that up is because I wanted to link to the last post at the time, but I salvaged that by clicking the link and copying the post link from my URL bar…

Keep up the good work!

OK, you must be working on the forum right now then…

Le Linky:

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Probably bad timing with me resetting the webserver :slight_smile:

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Dynamic Forum is not functioning, have to refresh, any remedy or still a WIP?

What do you mean ‘Dynamic Forum’?

Things are set up and the whole site is forced to run on https :slight_smile:
Just a few mixed content warnings I have to figure out, but we’re getting there.

Edit: all good now :tada:


Where it updates on the home screen to show a new post has been added. Without refreshing the page.

The new bookmark behaviour is unexpected… and rather over the top… any way to split the behaviour?

Also anyone else seeing that post from 2012 pop up?


To further explain, what is the ‘what is this bookmark for?’ supposed to do?

Not a big issue, but was funny to see, and I think I understand why it happened but:

See if you notice it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for making this place more Tolerable [Referring to the now not missing letters] :pray: