(Found) 2MGFX.EXE for Monogame 3.6 ?


Kindly point me out where can I find/download the latest 2MGFX.EXE for MG 3.6 , I tried to use some of my effect and got an exception System.Exception: ‘This MGFX effect is for an older release of MonoGame and needs to be rebuilt.’ most likely my 2MGFX is previous version.

Thanks ^_^y

EDIT : I need it because this is how I compiled my effects using a batch file.

2MGFX.EXE Effects\NormalMapsDX.fx OUTPUT\NormalMaps.FxDX /Profile:DirectX_11 
2MGFX.EXE Effects\NormalMapsGL.fx OUTPUT\NormalMaps.FxGL /Profile:OpenGL 


:sweat_smile: GOT IT!!! SORRY!!!

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\MonoGame\v3.0\Tools