Frame Rate Limiting?

I’ve had a few people suggest I add frame rate limiting to my Snake game. I have Vsync off and IsFixedTimeStep off, which results in the game often running at 1000+ fps. So, on this topic I suppose I have a couple of questions.

One, can anyone explain to me why this is being requested? I get that the high frame rate is unnecessary, but what is it hurting. The game runs smooth as butter which is usually my only concern when playing (or developing) a game.

Second, if there is a good reason for me to limit frame rate, is there an easy way to do this in MonoGame aside from the aforementioned Vsync or IsFixedTimeStep options?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The only reason I know is to avoid tearing, which happens when the refresh rate isn’t sync’d with the monitor. I’m not sure if there are other reasons. Other than Vsync/IsFixedTiemStep, I’m not sure what other ways there are.

I’m curious as to how others respond :slight_smile:

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Energy consumption (battery drain on mobile) and heat dissipation. Depending on the game, noone likes when their GPU is running on 100% for no real reason to do so and hearing the GPU coolers running on full speed (and consuming up to several 100 watts per hour on the desktop). Personally I would roll my eyes if the GPU coolers coming on with a snake game :slight_smile:

The question you should actually ask is not “why should you limit the FPS” … the question should be, “why you shouldn’t” or "why do your game has to run with a 1000 fps when the monitor where it is connected to can’t do more than 60/100/144 fps anyway.


Maybe also it’s possible that other processes could be running and limiting the number of updates/second would give them more time to do their thing.

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Alright, so that makes sense for the why.

As for how, is the only option SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = true? Because as soon as I do that on a 60hz monitor I feel the input lag. It is very noticeable.

I’ve seen some games with a slider where you can set a custom frame rate cap, which seems like a different thing from vsync on/off. I can cap the game at 300fps while I have a 165hz monitor. This seems more like what I personally would be wanting to accomplish. I’m not sure if that’s a trivial or complicated task however.

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Try this: set the TargetElapsedTime to (1000ms / 300) = .3.33ms with VSync off/IsFixedTimeStep on.

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