Frame Rate & Update Rate debug

when i use this.IsFixedTimeStep = true;
my Framerate & update rate both showed 60, but by right it should only limit the update rate not frame rate.

that’s how xna works, both are called after each other. They are coupled

You want to update your game logic and then draw with the changes.

how do i limit my update at 60,and my draw with no limit.

Since it’s a single thread it can’t be done correctly. You could skip the update everytime it’s called until at least 16ms have passed since the last time, but your delta won’t exactly be 16ms then.

You can, however, not use the normal Update, and instead start a new thread with your update stuff and limit that one to 60 hertz. Then you have multithreading troubles.

Both are not recommended.

The question is - what are you trying to solve?

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Unless you’re going to be doing something like interpolation between frames in your draw, there is no point in drawing faster than the update since it will just be drawing the exact same scene several times until the next update moves some objects in the scene.

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Got it, thank you very much!