Frames Per Second Capped at 30?

I am working on a game and I have noticed that for some reason FPS is locked at 30. An earlier application also compiled under Monogame 3.5 runs at 60 FPS. I have set TargetElapsedTime = new TimeSpan (0, 0, 0, 0, 1000 / 60);

Target platform is Windows.

Are their any common bugs that can cause this?

What GPU have you got?

In my NVIDIA control panel I can set VSYNC to ‘force on’ for every application that uses the GPU and hit it at half refresh rate giving 30FPS, did you do anything similar? are you locking to refresh rates? or something similar?

Reset your graphics cards/chips setup which should remove any forced refresh rate capping…

Other than this, recheck all your draw code and post it here as well in case you missed something so someone with experience can spot anything…

SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = false

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Thanks. That fixed it so I made it an option in my code.

I’ve set it to true (the default value) and the game run at 60 FPS and I’ve tested it in at least 10 PCs?

If I set it to false I get 200 PFS.

Why he solved the problem setting it to false?

It’s vsync, so trying to align the framerate with Monitor refresh rate, so 60, 30, 15 are usually allowed

This is a bit of an older thread, but it helped me understand why mine was running at 30 instead of the normal 60. Found out it was because my laptop got unplugged, so when it ran on the battery it was running on a lower latency for refreshing the screen.