Framework for Linux is unlisted on

I use Bodhi Linux and Jetbrains Rider to test out development with Monogame but i found out that doing so may prove more difficult now that i can’t find the monogame framework with the built-in nuget-installer. How come the Linux framework on is unlisted? I can’t download it via the installer due to this and Rider does not support the console installer yet.

Linux framework link:

Can anyone explain why the framework is unlisted? Can also anyone here give a tip for alternative path to reference the framework in my project? (Don’t suggest changing IDE cause that is the last thing that i’ll try after i’ve tried everything else :slight_smile: )


You should use DesktopGL instead:
The DesktopGL version runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and has replaced the seperate assemblies.

Thanks for the reply!

That’s good to know. Seems to work fine too. Thank you :).

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