Framework Initialization Exceptions

Hi everyone.
I’m using MonoGame 3.2 to create a cross-platform game engine and bumped into a problem. My engine plans to support Windows XP or newer, and other platforms.
When creating a project for Windows, there are 2 choices: Windows (using DirectX) or WindowsGL (using SDL and OpenGL). However, both of them failed to run on Windows XP.

  1. The Windows Template
    MonoGame uses SharpDX for DirectX interop, but SharpDX.dll automatically loads SharpDX.Direct3D11.dll, which is not compatible with Windows XP. My project uses no newer than DX9, but I cannot disable the auto-loading action. Are there any ways to solve it, apart from building SharpDX by myself?
  2. The WindowsGL Template
    Using WindowsGL always throws an exception “Cannot find entry point glBindFrameBuffer in opengl32.dll” when the framework initializes. It is weird that this exception also happens on my laptop (OS: Windows 7 SP1). I updated OpenGL-related libraries and still could not find glFindFrameBuffer (using Dumpbin.exe). Does anyone knows how does it happen?