FrameworkDispatcher.Update was not yet called

Hi everyone,

My game crashes on Windows Phone 8.1 when I want to try to debug it. The error is: Additional information: FrameworkDispatcher.Update has not been called. Regular FrameworkDispatcher.Update calls are necessary for fire and forget sound effects and framework events to function correctly. See for details. How can, should I resolve this?


It is called in MonoGame:

        public override bool BeforeUpdate(GameTime gameTime)
            return true;

I set a breakpoint there and it seems to be never called. Also tried setting a breakpoint in my game somewhere, but that also seems to be never called. It is all a little weird.

The fun part maybe is and maybe this is the juicy bit that I forgot that it says that the issue occurs in System.Windows.Ni.dll: “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ occurred in”

Probably the whole game isnt working for some reason and this is the symptom :slight_smile:

No!!! I reinstalled VS and now breakpoints are working, but the issue remains. BeforeUpdate is never called.
I use the same codebase also for Windows 8.1 and iOS projects both of which work without issues. According to the SourceControl the Windows Phone 8 project also has not changed. So I still wonder what the issue is.

Does the game draw? If BeforeUpdate is not called then the game isn’t running. My guess is that you did not set up your project to run the game properly.

Nope. Neither Update nor Draw gets called.
This us how the game is “made” running:

var game = MonoGame.Framework.WindowsPhone.XamlGame<FelicityGame>.Create("", this);

Has this changed in any way recently in MonoGame? I have a previous version of my app in the store and it still works fine, so my guess is that something here has changed.