Free Music For Your Games From New Artist

Hey all! I just wanted to share a nice music resource for all of you. Devynn from Echo Blue Music is an accomplished musician of over 30 years experience. I’ve encouraged my good friend to start making tracks for my fellow game developers. Please check out his work here:

All of the tracks are free to download and use in your creations. They just require a simple attribution that can go into your README or credits page. Devynn is open to contracting out for your projects too. Please don’t hesitate to contact him with your requests. We’d also love to hear your feedback and any tips you may have for an artist new to the game scene. THANK YOU!


Hey Raeleus. Thanks for the invite the MonoGame. Psyched to be here.

Just to let you all know, I’ve finally updated the site to include a “Sound Scape” section in addition the Music Collections and Albums, which of course are free for you all to use. Basically, Sound Scapes can be used to create sound atmospheres or environments for menu ambiance, game exploration, creepy dungeon scenes, or whatever else you can conjure up.

Like Ray said, I’m also down for doing some custom projects, so if you need some custom music, get back to me here or through my website that Ray linked about.

I hope everyone gets some use out of the music and sounds I’ve created. Cheers!


Okay. So I’ve got over 300 sound scapes up on the site now free for download.
Now I’m creating a massive collection of sound effects.

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Hey everyone. Got some weapons fire sound effects up. 7 guns - Unaltered, Hollywood Reverb and Supercharged. Hopefully they will be useful. These effects were recorded with the actual various pistols, revolvers and rifles in the field, so they are legit! Enjoy.