FreeDrag Gesture, slows as zoom out

Hey guys, quick question I don’t know why i’m struggling but here goes… I’m using a 2D camera class with zoom on it which created a view matrix that gets applied to spritebatch begin. Freedrag is enabled for touch devices, well as I zoom out, the farther out im zoomed the slower the movement of the screen.

I am trying to figure out how to translate the gesture Delta into a scene position so that regardless of zoom the movement feels about the same dispite zoom level.

if (lSample.GestureType == GestureType.FreeDrag)
Camera.Instance.Position -= lSample.Delta;

This is what i’m doing, which works great at zoom 1f. Well get to .5f and now its almost a parallaxing effect because delta is at screen level.

I tried this

Camera.Instance.Position -= lSample.Delta * (1 + (1f - Camera.Instance.Zoom.X));

and it helped but its not proportionate to the zoom… any help would be appreciated