FreeImageAPI in TextureImporter missing when trying to compile latest Windows build.

Appears to be missing from ThirdParty\Dependencies folder.

Fixed, please ignore.

No worries… let us know any issues you run into with the new content pipeline. We’re pushing hard now to fix the remaining issues and missing features there.

A few notes on new pipeline…

Imported XNA content pipeline that used Custom ModelProcess. Received error when try to build that customcontentprocessor.dll could not be loaded. Error was " Could not load file or assembly customcontentprocessor.dll or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format." Any ideas.

Feature suggestion - allow for multi selection of items in treeview. When you have many items (several hundred) it takes a long time to change properties individually.

Most likely your customcontentprocessor.dll was built for 32bit. Rebuild it for an AnyCPU target. MonoGame uses a 64bit pipeline, so 32bit content processors won’t work.

We really need a better error message in that case alerting the user to what might have gone wrong.

Yep… that is on our list of things to implement. Just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Regarding loading customcontentprocessor.dll. This dll was created using XNA 4.0 Content Pipeline Extension Library with the added reference to MonoGameContentProcessors.dll so the MGMaterialProcessor could be used. This does work well with the current monogame projects.

As suggested the dll was rebuilt as 64bit but still fails to load in the new pipleline IDE. Should references to XNA 4.0 dll be removed and replace with Monogame Content Pipeline dlls.

(Not sure if this is correct way to go since MonoGameContentProcessors.dll references XNA 4.0)

I think you’re mixing some things up here… not surprising it is confusing.

It seems you are trying to mix references to XNA, the old MonoGame content processors, and the new MonoGame content pipeline.

MonoGameContentProcessors.dll is the old MonoGame content processors which worked within Microsoft’s XNA content pipeline. This is the old way to do content processing.

The new MonoGame content pipeline replaces MonoGameContentProcessors.dll and the Microsoft XNA content pipeline entirely. You shouldn’t reference either in your own custom processors… you should only reference MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline.dll.

Right. OK, that makes sense. I am just not sure how to build the CustomModelProcessor on the new pipeline system. I did try removing the XNA references and MonoGameContentProcessors which had MGMaterialProcessor, and added the new MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline.dll instead. Of course I now recieved build error on MGMaterialProcessor so changed it MaterialProcessor (not sure if that was right). This compiled and loaded properly! But pipeline build failed on models because MaterialProcessor function ConvertMaterial threw Exception NotImplementedException. (Maybe just not completed yet).

As reference the original function in CustomModelProcessor that used MGMaterialProcessor is below

 protected override MaterialContent ConvertMaterial(MaterialContent material, ContentProcessorContext context)
        EffectMaterialContent normalMappingMaterial = new EffectMaterialContent();
        normalMappingMaterial.Effect= new ExternalReference<EffectContent>("Shaders\\Rendering\\Forward\\NormalMapping.fx");

        foreach (KeyValuePair<String, ExternalReference<TextureContent>> texture in material.Textures)
             normalMappingMaterial.Textures.Add(texture.Key, texture.Value);
         foreach (var pair in material.OpaqueData)
        return context.Convert<MaterialContent, MaterialContent> (normalMappingMaterial, typeof(MGMaterialProcessor).Name);


Yep… that looks to be the case:

If you enter an issue into the GitHub site about the missing functionality someone should come along and implement it pretty soon.

So there will be a pull request later today that will fix a bunch of model importing issues and will also add the implementation for MaterialProcessor.