Froggy Hop Proto-Alpha Demo ( Windows )

Proggy Hop : My entry submission project at GameDev NET on a monthly Game Development Challenge – month theme Frogger Clone.

Happy Hopping ^_^Y


Beautiful nice little game you have made bro :smiley:

Well deserved your frogger badge on :frog:

Congratz! :cake:

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Yo’ Bru :smiley: Thank you man! much appreciated …

:wine_glass: Cheers Marcel!

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Nice, short fun little game! I was unsure of some things, such as what the switch in the third level did. I’d also like to have the option to hold the key to keep moving. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to more.

Also, what is ZGDK? It’s listed as a technology used to build the game, but I can’t find much information about it.

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Thank you Thomas! the switch on the third level will open the two gates where the other two froglets hides Bru ^_^Y

“Short fun little Game” – Yeah man it’s short due to the one month time frame limitation from the challenges I posted on your thread that I like puzzle games, I will try to create at least 20 levels with some puzzle twist for the player to find the froglets and hopefully an Android release.

From the installation there is a ZGDK.dll in the directory that i’ve used in making all of my games it’s actually ZGDK-MG stand for Z-Game Development Kit for MonoGame.

I’m currently in the process of creating a place holder editor for ZGDK :

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