From unity to monogame


I’m one of the new users that have been gifted with a free subscription to monogame. I’m trying at this time to get rid of Unity because it is going in a direction I am not linking. Monogame seems a nice system but being new to the framework would like to ask some little questions:

  1. There’s something that worries me and it is that the last monogame release was made on April, 2015. Is Monogame being discontinued in any way? Are release cycles that long? Whay about if we found issues, etc…?
  2. Is there any editor to use with monogame? And mainly, is there any official UI lib available to use with it?
  3. Is it possible to code native extensions and use in monogame?
  4. Is WiiU support comming? Are new platforms added as they appear?



  1. MonoGame releases are made from time to time but you can access github for latest development version (which usually has daily updates) at , or just get the development build on the downloads section which are also updated often.

  2. Personally I use Visual Studio 2012 for windows/winRT/WinPhone and Xamarin Studio for iOS/TVOS, but I suppose any editor can be used if you set it up correctly.
    There’s a giant UI lib thread here: UI Frameworks

  3. Yes, monogame is just a library made with C#, and C# supports that.

  4. No idea about WiiU, I think it hasn’t been developed yet. However Apple TV support appeared a few weeks after its release. It usually depends on how hard supporting that platform is and, as it’s a community project, how many people work together in order to get that platform working.

p.s. Are you the HexDump from PsPectrum ? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, MonoGame is not getting discontinued… we are just a bit late on making a release… develop version is updated nearly every day.

Release cycle should have been one month but… thing got a bit out of hand.

If you find any issues, you can report them at: Issues · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub Also I recommend using devel release, you can get it from Downloads page.

MonoGame is a game framework, not a game engine, keep that in mind.

There are no official MonoGame editors, but there a plenty of editors you can get working with MonoGame, ie. Tiled

No official UI library either, but there are some good UI libraries that work with MonoGame, I think EmptyKeys is the best one.

Thanks for the answers.

Yep I’m the creator of PSPectrum emulator for PSP. How do you know that O_O?


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