Frustum culling question

i try to use frustum volume to implement frustum culling for model. Can anyone explain to me Frustum culling with bounding sphere vs Frustum culling with bounding box? Which 1 is faster and better solution? Thanks

I have not much time but i’ll try to be short and informative.

The choice between BSphere and Bbox should be directed by the volume occupied by the model: choosing a Bbox to encapsulate a sword for example, will lead to false positives, unless you choose this approach speed up collision detection before doing triangle collision.

I can’t say which one is faster. OOBB (object oriented bbox) are slow, but as these are axis oriented if I remember well, it “just” has to be updated when you rotate the model so it is still contained in the box. All in all, a sphere should be faster, just growing the radius if needed and move its center. About the maths behind I have never looked at it as all libraries does almost the same I think.

About what is a frustrum culling, it is well explained here:

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