Fullscreen mode changing the size of other application windows; help please?


I’m working on a game and am implementing toggles for fullscreen mode. So far, the actual fullscreen mode for my game works fine, just as I intended. However, whenever I turn on fullscreen mode, this has the side effect of changing the size of some of my other maximized windows on my desktop; namely, Chrome and Discord. Whenever I turn my application to fullscreen, these two windows (which I usually keep open and maximized) pop down into the default size for my MonoGame application.

This is very annoying, and besides is not something I want to happen in the final game build. At first I thought that activating fullscreen without first adjusting the PreferredBackbufferHeight was causing my screen resolution to be set smaller than it should be as it fullsized (windows was popping up a message to this effect also), thus causing the resizes. However, I’ve now set it up so that backbuffer is set to the monitor resolution before I turn on fullscreen, but the problem persists. Perhaps there’s some other setting I need to change? I’m not as experienced with xna/monogame as some people here I’m sure, heh.

I really want to fix this, but I can’t seem to find anyone having similar problems when I google the issue. Anyone have any pointers? Much obliged.

  • Julie

What is your GraphicsDeviceManager’s HardwareModeSwitch value?


I didn’t know that that existed until now, but it is set to true.

I just set it to false on startup and it seems to have fixed my issue. Thank you! What exactly is HardwareModeSwitch doing?

To my knowledge, when HardwareModeSwitch is false, it simply uses the desktop’s resolution. When it’s true, it changes the hardware display mode, which is why all of your other windows change size.