Fun with 2D particles


Hey! That looks awesome! I was trying some visual effects with particles for my 2D game too. Nothing out of ordinary though. Some effects actually slowed down the prototype performance :frowning: In time, I’ll try to make optimizations in my code.
Does this effect of yours make use of the bloom logic of @kosmonautgames or parts of it? I used that bloom shader with Color.White… Thinking about using with shades of orange now :thinking:

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Is this basically telling the particles to seat within an area? [Which I thought would create an outline, but because you spawned them in a splatter, they filled in the voids…

hmm :thinking:


Neat :slight_smile:

Haha you should consider having each particle fade to a cluster of pixels that match the underlying source image colour and then cross fade with the image itself for a neat little transition to a static image :smiley:

Anyway, nice work! Particles are always fun to play with.


cool :+1:

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The particles are just drawn with SpriteBatch, so no post processing happening here.

You should throw that bloom/glow filter at it and just see what happens haha.

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Heresy! Joking, it looks great.

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It looks really cool! How did you make that glow? With transparent sprite?

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Yes, the particles are transparent. The glow comes from the additive blend mode when drawing the particles.

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I had a little bit of time and quickly put this together in a hurry. I experimented with bloom also.

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