Fun with particles

YouTube is processing the HD version which should have a better quality… Check later maybe if it is not yet available, should not take too long I guess. Anyway here is the link:

Seems like HD is already available but the quality is not so good as in the original recording on YouTube for some reason.


It looks cool! :smiley: Would you be willing to share the source code? :slight_smile:

No plans for that particular project at the moment. That said I plan to revisit some of my older projects and upgrade them to MonoGame 3.8. There is a chance I will publish some stuff during this process. I plan to record some of the visually more interesting ones and then upload the videos to YouTube.
There is a small chance I will have enough time to make some small game prototypes or even start making an actual game if a prototype seems to be interesting enough. We will see.

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Looks cool! I like the bouncing ripple effects. Seems like it could be the base for a cool music visualizer.

Youtube uses heavy video compression techniques. They work fine for video where most of the screen isn’t changing much, like a video of someone sitting in front of a computer and talking. But the quality drops significantly when there’s lots of little things moving around a large portion of the screen, like confetti, snow, or your particle effects. See this video for more explanation:

Why Snow and Confetti Ruin YouTube Video Quality - YouTube

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XNA had some visualizationdata method or so for that, MonoGame has no implementation for that at the moment afaik…

Seems to be a nice idea but I don’t know much about how to get useful visualizationdata. Any ideas what I could look at?

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know where to even start. I’ve never really learned anything about processing sound in code. Sorry… =/

I think I would try preprocessing the raw sound data and using the result and / or processing the sound data on the fly to get the frequency spectrum and then using this data in some way. Would be interesting but I will first revisit some older projects and try to get them to work with MonoGame 3.8 before I jump into something like this which will take probably a lot of time since I don’t have experience with sound.