Future updates of MonoGame

I do not know very much about how nuget works. I have to read about it more I guess since MonoGame is now using it…

So I wonder if I create a project now which is using MonoGame 3.8 then what options do I have when a new version gets released?
Will the configured MonoGame version of a solution / project will be changed automatically? And is there a way to test a new version of MonoGame and only switch when everything works fine?

As many are planing and doing right now I will maybe start and update some older projects to MonoGame 3.8 when I get a chance so that’s why I am wondering how this situation which will come up eventually will be handled.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

If you’re using a NuGet Package it will stay at what ever version you have installed until you update.

When you go into Manage NuGet Packages it will show you which packages need to be updated and you can choose to update at that time or just stay where you’re at.


OK sounds like I could then use git to try the update and go back when it will not work with a newer version for some reason?

If you downloaded a different version and compiled it and then changed your project references to point to that you would probably be fine. If something went wrong, you would just change your references back.

The only thing I would be cautious about is if the newer version changed a source file format that couldn’t be undone.

I always check in all my changes to source control before I do something like that so I can roll everything back to exactly what it was prior to testing out something new.

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