Game build fails when shaders are used

When I try to debug my project I get this error, it goes away when I exclude the shader in the pipeline tool. I’m using wine for effects like the documentation.
I don’t know if this has been posted already but I couldn’t find anything.
Here’s the error message and thanks for the help.

	"resource": "/home/pepeshe/.nuget/packages/monogame.content.builder.task/",
	"owner": "msCompile",
	"code": "MSB3073",
	"severity": 8,
	"message": "The command \"dotnet mgcb /quiet /@:\"/home/pepeshe/code/monopixel/Content/Content.mgcb\" /platform:DesktopGL /outputDir:\"/home/pepeshe/code/monopixel/Content/bin/DesktopGL/Content\" /intermediateDir:\"/home/pepeshe/code/monopixel/Content/obj/DesktopGL/net6.0/Content\" /workingDir:\"/home/pepeshe/code/monopixel/Content/\"\" exited with code 1. [/home/pepeshe/code/monopixel/monopixel.csproj]",
	"startLineNumber": 142,
	"startColumn": 5,
	"endLineNumber": 142,
	"endColumn": 5