Game Components in Monogame

I’m trying to teach myself game programming and I have run into a wall. I’m using an older XNA book (
but using the MONOGAME framework. The book tells me to create a game
components, but I don’t think MONOGAME has that option. I’m sure exactly
where to go to next considering XNA is no longer supported and their
aren’t a lot of resources on MONOGAME.

(I’m using visual studio 2015 and I download the Monogame 3.4 from their website if that information is useful)

A game component is simply a class derived from GameComponent or DrawableGameComponent.

public class MyComponent : GameComponent

And override the constructor, Initialize and Update methods as appropriate.

OH! Okay, I get it that. thanks KonajuGames. That’s one thing I like about the community here, no one makes feel bad for asking for dumb questions like that. Again thanks KonajuGames

I ask dumb questions all the time too man :stuck_out_tongue:

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