Game concept

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing monogame development for around 8 months now and I have worked hard at game that I would like to get some feedback on. Here is a screenshot from the game:

Would this be a game you would be interested in playing? Should I consider it a project to continue working on or a learning step?


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I think the art here is very well executed. It certianly looks good. I suppose I would say it’s a little barren, so it’s difficult to gage what the gameplay experience would be like. But if you’re asking “would I play a game with this art style”, sure I would! But I don’t think the screenshot tells much outside of that.

I think I’m in a similar spot, where I have the game working and the I’m happy with the art but it’s just not fun or interesting enough yet. I’m having fun figuring out that part right now!