Game keeps stopping on Android.

While I was trying to run the .apk file on Android Emulator, a message shows up saying “Game1 has stopped.” and by re-runnuing it another one says “Game1 keeps stopping”. I’ve tried the same process on my android device and it stays the same. I’m using VS 2017.

No answer? I’m just trying to deploy the template game to Android and it doesn’t work. And as long as I didn’t write a singe line of code in the Game1.cs (except the code that’s is already there when you create a new android game using monogame), then it is not a programming error but something wrong with the installation or the settings I’m using in monogame itself. Could you please help me figure out the reason why I can’t get the template game running on Android?
I’m using Win 10, VS 2017 and monogame 3.6.