Game renders only 1 frame at 1 second

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I updated to MonoGame 3.4 and I decided to try to port my game i was working on Windows to Android. I cant even play that game at my phone, it’s super laggy and it outputs to the console this:

 05-30 15:21:30.112 D/Mono    ( 1631): GC_OLD_BRIDGE num-objects 1 num_hash_entries 1 sccs size 1 init 0.00ms df1 0.21ms sort 0.00ms dfs2 0.12ms setup-cb 0.00ms free-data 0.06ms links 0/0/0/0 dfs passes 0/0
    05-30 15:21:30.112 D/Mono    ( 1631): GC_MINOR: (Nursery full) pause 2.78ms, total 2.87ms, bridge 0.09ms promoted 0K major 2704K los 2899K

Does it have something to do with MonoGame 3.4 update? ty.

Are you testing on an actual device?

Could you show us some sample code that runs slowly on the device?

Are you allocating objects during the Draw? This is often a cause for slow rendering.