Game will not run at another pc

Hi. I have a problem. If I run a game at my computer (Win 8.1 64bit), so it works fine but if I copy debug or release folder to another pc (I tried Win 7 or Win XP), so game will not run. Does anyone know where is the problem? Thank you. PS- My english is not excellent. :smiley:

Sometimes, when I’m lazy and just wan’t to test things out, I tend to load maps/assets from folders located on my computer. Maybe you have done the same in your game? The application might search for files that only exists on your machine?


Still not run. I tried create a new project without any resources. Then a copied debug folder to computer (not my) and game not run as well.

Hmm… Do you have all the monogames dependencies installed on you secondary computer? Like OpenAL etc?


I look, that is a new version of MonoGame (3.2). So I tested it and I find template “MonoGame Win Project” so I copy games folder to this project and this is work at both computer. So problem solved. But I have a new problem with sound. Sound assets couldn’t load. :frowning:

EDIT: What monogames dependencies I need? (You are wrote OpenAL…)

i think it is just openal, and nothing else.
the other stuff is already installed when you install monogame.