Game window starts without focus

Hello everyone, this is my first time trying MonoGame.

I’m having trouble finding a solution to this problem: every time I launch my game, even when I didn’t have any content in it (just from template and ran), the window doesn’t have focus on launch. It happens both within Visual Studio and outside.

To give focus to the window, I have to click outside of it and then on the window again, or I can’t receive any input from keyboard - which is very, very annoying.

I tried getting the form handle and bringing the window to the front - now I only have to click once on the window to give it focus, but still.

If I set fullscreen mode, the game launches and then immediately minimizes by itself.

I wasn’t able to find any solution online, it seems like I’m the only one with this problem :expressionless:

How many displays have you got and what OS and hardware are you using, hopefully someone can assist, also post your Initialisation code if you have made any changes to it.

Also, Hi and welcome to the forums!

Happy Coding!

I sent the compiled thing to a friend of mine and he doesn’t seem to have the same issue. Might be a problem of mine only then, which is reassuring.

I’m running Win10 with two displays.