GameHasControle Not Working


GameHasControle is Always returning true on WP8.1 regardless of if im playing music or not.

public static bool GameHasControle { get { return MediaPlayer.GameHasControl; } }

Is there any known workaround

Can you report the bug on GitHub please…

What version of MonoGame are you using? We don’t have this problem.
What you get from MonoGame is this:

return State == MediaState.Playing || MsXna_MediaPlayer.GameHasControl;

I am using mono 3.2.
I am running windows 8.1 though so i wonder if that is the issue.

After getting my hands on another phone running wp8 I can determine that this is an issue with 8.1. Now weather this is a bug in the OS or the OS has changed the handling of music i am not sure.

Confirmed. Hopefully it’s just a bug related to the axed music hub.