Gamepad doesn't work in my project

Hello there! I made a project and I want to use Gamepad there, but when I check for the connection (gamepad.isConnected) it returns false. Why does it happen?

more info:
-Wired gamepad
-Model: Gembird JPD-FFB-M
-I use Windows 7, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 professional, Monogame v3.4

I had a similar issue a little while ago, which I asked about here. You may want to check that out and provide a little more info, eg:

  • Wired or Wireless
  • Gamepad Make and Model (I’m assuming standard Microsoft Xbox 360 USB?)
  • OS, IDE, MonoGame version

I hope you can find out why it isn’t working. Mine kind of just fixed itself, I still don’t know what caused the issue.

@CyberFunk, thank you! I updated added some info. I didn’t solved my problem yet.