GamePadState.IsConnected always false!


I have built my code just as I usually would but the game does not see my gamepad being connected.

It’s a USB Xbox controller so it should work. It used to work on XNA.

The GamePadState.IsConnected always shows false.

Does anyone know anything about this?

From what I found there used to be some problems like this but I haven’t found a fix.


Did you check if the proper driver is installed? What version of windows are you in?

I have the xboc wireless receiver and I’m using windows 8. I installed the drivers by going to
device manager and right-clicking on the controller (which was not installed) and selecting

update driver software -> browse my computer -> let me pick from a list -> microsoft

and then you have to look for the right one for your controller, which I would assume is the first one.
You will know it is installed properly when you press the home button and see a popup in the lower middle of your screen with the xbox logo and a battery life indicator

On Windows 8 I’m getting IsConnected always true, even when there’s not pad :laughing:

EDIT: actually it’s probably a driver’s error. Disconnecting the pad keeps returning true, but when restarting the computer, until the pad is connected, returns false.