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Started to notice many usernames beginning with J, and as @Jjagg is on here a lot, I wanted to not get confused lol so I made this for you/him

I just noticed this, but it appears to be a bit buggy… the horizontal line button…

Anyway if anybody wants a new avatar I am deadlocked for the coming three to four weeks and not doing anything special while moving houses so I can spend some time making an avatar for you… I did this on a previous forum too so, the option is open to all…

Made another one in case that one was a bit plain

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Nice @MrValentine.
Was thinking about the same thing for some time now. Since @Jjagg is a regular around here he deserves a nice avatar.
But I got no talent when it comes to drawing.
Nice work…
Wonder what @Jjagg thinks about it. (take it, take it already :slight_smile: It’s beautiful)

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Thank you, I have not tested for the circle fit however so hopefully it fits correctly or I can make a modification…

Adding this here by the way, is it relevant to MonoGame at all? if it is I would like to add it to the U-MG-RL thread

Can someone please confirm?

Thanks @MrValentine! Very cool! How do you manage to do that, being blind?

Certainly with the Force

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Will be fully explained in my book, will see if I can hand out some free Kindle keys? for you guys…

There is a rule about the Force Club, first rule we don’t talk about… :stuck_out_tongue: you know the joke lol :heart_decoration:

As I said, happy to make more for anybody new or been here for a time… especially those with the default avatars… I wonder if it supports animated Gifs?


The transparency looks amazing when you click his username now :slight_smile:

Nope, converts it to a PNG… oh well, I made mine 25% transparent :slight_smile:

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looks like XNA / Monogame don’t care for independent blendstates for MRTs very much.

Ironically one can set IndependentBlendEnable to true, but the different blendstates for different RTs have no setter and are all clones of each other, effectively making this a useless choice.

Looks like my monogame version gets further and further away from the default one, even though these changes are so small (giving the option to set TargetBlendStates)

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Any help with this so I can add it to U-MG-RL…

Ah been working on this for the last few hours.
My prototype implementation of specular highlighting on custom vertex data.

Unless im missing something you cant use reflect on vectors in the shader?
Which sort of doesn’t make sense so i dug out my old code and i put it in manually.

Though i still gotta try to move things to the pixel shader

// shader techniques TechniqueB
VertexShaderOutputB VertexShaderFunctionB(VertexShaderInputB input)
    VertexShaderOutputB output;       
    output.Position = mul(input.Position, gworldviewprojection);
    output.TexureCoordinateA = input.TexureCoordinateA * input.Color;
    float3 normal = mul(input.Normal, gworld); //world space normal
    output.Normal = normal;
    float4 col = input.Color;
    float alpha = col.a;
    // i forget what they call this just regular lighting i guess.
    float lightIntensity = saturate(dot(normal, -lightDir));
    // blend with ambient
    col = ((col *.5 + lightColor *.5) * (lightIntensity * (1 - ambientColor))) + (col * ambientColor);
    col.a = alpha;
    // specular highlighting
    float3 i = lightDir; // incidence
    float3 n = -normal; // surface normal
    float3 lightToSurfaceReflection = float3(
          2 * n.x * (n.x * i.x + n.y * i.y + n.z * i.z) - i.x,
          2 * n.y * (n.x * i.x + n.y * i.y + n.z * i.z) - i.y,
          2 * n.z * (n.x * i.x + n.y * i.y + n.z * i.z) - i.z
	float reflectionEyeMagnitude = dot(cameraForward, lightToSurfaceReflection);
	reflectionEyeMagnitude = max(0, reflectionEyeMagnitude);
	float specularResult = pow(reflectionEyeMagnitude, specularSharpness);
	col = ((col - specularPercentage) + float4(1, 1, 1, 1) * specularResult);
	col.a = alpha;
	output.Color = col;

	return output;
PixelShaderOutputB PixelShaderFunctionB(VertexShaderOutputB input)
	PixelShaderOutputB output;
	output.Color = tex2D(TextureSamplerA, input.TexureCoordinateA) * input.Color;
        // just display vertex normal shading
	if (displayVertexNormalShading)
		output.Color = input.Color;
	return output;

no you can.

Just use reflect(v1, v2)

lol cool i must of typed in some wrong before.

It’s not really relevant since MonoGame wraps XInput (and other native input lib) classes for you.

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But are vibration controls functioning?


I don’t have a clue. Never used a gamepad with MG before

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Hmm, I am still in the middle of moving, will be three to four weeks before I can potentially get back to my studies… my birthday is coming up too and hoping to take a trip for a few days so likely I can test for it around mid to end of April lol…

How about everyone else? any half term periods coming up? I have to delay my trip to after my birthday as it sits right in the middle of a peak travel time lol… and on the day, usually nothing is open… so yeah I hate my birthday lol…

Well, this explains a lot…








Unable to comment on the post, but I think a small notice about the download being recently created causing download scans to throw up security issues, not an issue for seasoned users but new users may be thrown back by this…

I’ve got something pretty cool im working on i thought of it yesterday when adding a sky cube…
To generate a skycube then directly tesselate it into a skysphere from code on custom vertex data on load.
So all you would need is a texture and the class and to select which one you want.

I was thinking it would be nice to just pick which one a texture would be, without needing a model and use it for the sky or things like planets or spheres or circular objects.
I made a cube that takes the cross or six sided faced square type of images and lets you select which face goes to which part of the image. Ill see if i can get it generate a sphere from that and post it. It seems pretty straight forward though.

This thread is getting massive lol.

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So, using a bump map style effect? seams feasible as it will be out in the distance… but preventing it from lighting effect changes?

Yep, I was thinking to allow this thread to die when it hits 500 posts and start a fresh one with 2 in the title, which links back to this thread in the first post… but if having a lot of posts is ok, then it can continue I guess as the jump to post feature works pretty well… and it does not load every post through the thread… seemingly…

I just updated one of my apps, felt so damn good doing that… it is in certification already, Windows Store has had some changes within the past two months, one is a 32x32 pixel target icon and icon, hard to explain but you need two 32x32 pixel icons in addition and also there is a new Korean Rating board feature in the ratings section… I had to just select a none to declare type option, hmm all these rating boards are starting to get annoying… regardless of them having a purpose, they should be free to use… my understanding is; they cost you per submission…

Anybody else have experience with ratings boards that they can share? or perhaps links of stories from Indie devs? could be useful for the U-MG-RL thread… do post them in there if you find any with useful content… especially of horror stories where a lesson was learned…

Things getting rather intense on my side, how goes you guys?

Hey guys…

Just had a sudden thought, I don’t know how the search feature works, if it searches just titles of posts or content as well…

But while commenting on this thread earlier:

I started thinking, hmm it relates to legal stuff, so I thought why not prefix it with [LEGAL] making it possibly easier to categorise further in search results…

I have been fixing the placement of [SOLVED] on many posts recently as well, I hope nobody minds this as with it being in two places it kind of gets tiring hunting for it whereas with a fixed offset for the titles and the placement on the prefixes kind of reduces time taken to hunt for things… especially in searches… as the [SOLVED] prefix is clearer and quicker to identify… [well I am blind so perhaps only I have the issue…]

So I was hoping I was not annoying anybody by doing it these past few days… it also gives a cleaner more organised appearance across the site, I do not mind taking the time to do this, but I mostly do it for threads I have read wholly or after reading the first post in most threads so I might miss prefixing some but I will aim to do all even the ones that do not relate to my workflow, at least I can understand MonoGame across the board this way :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope it is not annoying for anybody… and I hope it is seen as useful, if not… I can try to restrain my OCD lol



I have fixed the prefixes all the way back to January of this year, so anything older will still have placement and formats all over the place… I will do my best to keep new posts in check.

I watched that whole video on legal stuff you posted with that game lawyer guy very informative stuff. Solved I might have started that trend, or not, i got the idea from stack overflow i noticed other people do it too.

I didn’t know you had forum editing ability and i had thought the forum had been on autopilot this whole time, but its a good idea and i doubt anyone minds.

Ah i had to take a break.
My head is spinning i was working on doing the tesselation of a skybox and realized its even harder then if i was just doing it to a mesh.
Basically because skybox’s use 6 textures and those uv’s have to be treated as seperate meshes and the indices and vertice arrays need to be treated as a whole if you want to be able to interchange it with a hdrmap later on.
(which i haven’t added but i have done it separately before its simple, at least the pinch pole version is).

So anyways i map a cube up one level to were its basically a sort of a polyhexahedron (i dunno if that’s actually a word).

It works yaaay!!! (this maps to 24 quads 54 vertices and 144 indices)

I map that one more time and it screws it all up lol but the data looks ok.
(it maps to 96 quads 150 vertices and 576 indices each face has 96 indices)
Im sure its probably the mapping order but is it hard to find the disorder in all the chaos of the data output.

I swear im getting a headache from staring at numbers.

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