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A forum I used to traverse had icons and prefixed formats to place indicators in front of a post title for easy identification… will build it into my custom forum too… very handy feature!

Yeah I got re-categorisation and title editing at most… thanks for the opinion :slight_smile:

Screenshots or it never happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Proof you were looking at numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I were more confident with numbers… and equations…

@willmotil I need to ask, but better I ask in private message so I will send you one shortly…

I just wanted to wait till i actually got somewhere.


Im quite happy with myself.
This was a pain in the ass i was both sick of it and momentarily … obsessed lol.

What a annoying bug…
Turns out the lerp i wrote for the vertices was backwards !.

If i tessellated it just one time it worked because the average was .5 dead center which is what was being regenerated so like lerping 0 to 1 came out right
0, .5, 1
but lerping 2 new vertices would be like
0, .66, .33, 1

Ill be posting a straight example to how to do it when i clean it all up…
but not just yet, The Walking Dead is on in 15 minutes !!!
I might crash after that, i was getting annoyed and now i got a headache.
So it might have to wait a minute.

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A dedicated thread post sounds deserved! Well Done!

That’s a great idea actually.
The only thing better than that would be if the board owners would enable tags.
Then you could have a tag ‘solved’ instead of changing the title.

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Yep, but the issue would divert their excellent work away from MonoGame! so we shall make do with our abilities :slight_smile:

Actually, just had a thought… see if this works in the title…


I think it works…

I found that the emoticon icons work just as well, can you confirm that you can see a check mark and a key in this thread title? I also tested it on another thread, perhaps it can be used in place of [SOLVED]? but I think [SOLVED] carries more of a META value as well as visual…? yeah, best not add the check mark…

There, found an ideal icon for this thread, a coffee mug :slight_smile:

Lol. It’s a check-box in the settings of the board. :slight_smile:
I like the emoticons though.

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if you look at your Tab title thingy, it is in colour!


Oh, did not understand your first line, possibly but there might be more to it such as a plugin or such and I think the less fiddling with the forum, the better it will function :slight_smile:

The interesting basic effects of scaling a world matrix with Matrix.CreateScale before passing it to basiceffect.

It does everything from fliping the uv’s to reversing the projection matrix perspective direction

bottom one has a negative z on the scale

        worldGlobe = worldGlobe * Matrix.CreateScale(.03f, .03f, -.03f); // negated Z scale Proper
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I remember something about invertion occurring when scaling, just forgot why it occurs…

I used to know i forget why exactly it happens something to do with a negative rotation i suspect.
Then a scale then a viewmatrix change.
Basic effect isn’t designed to take a scaling matrix though so it hits it just like it hit my shader i tested both with the negative x y and z same results.

Moral of the story is if you want to scale a world matrix before passing it to basic effect flip the z, to -z first.

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I best remember to add this to any tutorial I put together… thinking to allow the tutorials to be added to by various people as well… hmm… obviously with full credits and link backs…

Has me thinking now…

On the only positive note of mine for this week, I finally purchased my domain name for my travel blog which I plan to make headway on, later this year… www.BlindManTravels.net I already put a facebook link together too of the same name… [Still need to put the branding together yet, thought of a fantastic logo for it… just need to get it made now…] I hope to encourage and support and bring light to the condition I suffer and the 1/60,000 [EDIT There are more than 125,000 people with a similar issue but the point I meant to raise was that people assume Blind means zero sight… this is wrong and needs addressing as there are many levels of blindness; it is this fact I wish to bring to the foreground] or so who also have a similar condition… I found that nobody was doing anything about it so… I may as well become my own role model… [Inception?] Unsure at this point to host an independent site for it or blend it into my own blog for simplicity… but I think I may take that route for a while until it grows out of being a sub section… [EDIT 2 I forgot to mention I have already spoken to a national charity that supports blind people here to partner with them in some way to help others in the same situation, I hope I can muster the courage to step up…]


Nice … the site looks very good.

Why not have both. Let your main site with apps make people aware of your cause and your other site. Ask them to visit it ect… and vice versa.

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Thank you, it is still very much a temporary appearance, I am still a few weeks off from completing my web studies, but with my current situation, it might be the end of April before I get anything going… [Currently at the interesting point of Database interaction, something I have waited a decade to get around to… well almost a decade] though I will have completed my move by the end of this month… no power there until the 20th or so and then hopefully get the gas reconnected sometime in the first week of April… but I just need the electricity connected for now… thank goodness I fitted an electric shower when I did…

Well it turned out i was wrong about the -z in the scaling it was due to the fact that i was turning my skycubes into actual cubes and the winding was backwards with the zculling standard ccw it was culling only the front polygons.

I keep updating that camera class from time to time this is the newest addition.
A projection zoom the projection matrix alone can do some cool stuff.

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That looks sweet!

And hum di dum di dum da rum… [sigh, having to think of more stuff to type is tiring]

I was wondering why there was no overload of the spritebatch.draw method that took float values instead of int values for the destination rectangle (rectangle accepts ints only), especially since the ints are converted to floats afterwards (a bit of a waste, isn’t it?)

I thought it was just something that XNA did and somehow nobody bothered changing it. I think i’ve seen a request to implement float rectangles for spritebatch somewhere.

Anyways, I copied the thing and changed two lines basically to make it accept floats. Instead of rectangle the input is Vector4 now, but the same rules apply (x y width height)

public void Draw(Texture2D texture,
Vector4 destinationRectangle,
Rectangle? sourceRectangle,
Color color,
float rotation,
Vector2 origin,
SpriteEffects effects,
float layerDepth)

So then I was eager to test out my creation and have two blocks slowly move to the right.

Because rectangle accepts ints only the movement is jumpy (from pixel to pixel), and I hoped to fix that with this new input.

To my surprise it didn’t fix anything, the jump just occured on different frames.

I was baffled at first, since I expected smooth interpolation now, since any value of a pixel could now be covered instead of just 1/0 but I forgot the rasterizer.

So the fix was fairly simple:
graphics.PreferMultiSampling = true;

Top: using Vector4() as destination
Below: using Rectangle() as destination

The gif does not give the whole thing justice, since even the fade appears to be unsmooth because the .gif program does not capture at perfect intervals. With faster movement even it is remarkably more calm and less jerky.

TLDR: Making spritebatch more useful just amounts to changing Rectangle to Vector4 in the monogame source.

The question is whether or not creating a dozen overloads for each draw() version with Vector4 is worth it, for me it’s not.


I was wondering why there was no overload of the spritebatch.draw method
that took float values instead of int values for the destination
rectangle (rectangle accepts ints only), especially since the ints are
converted to floats afterwards (a bit of a waste, isn’t it?)

Ya this was discussed on a couple git hub issues. Hopefully well get a full overload that just takes vertice corner positions directly four vector3’s and all 4 colors, as well as Uv’s for each vertice. So we can directly draw quads and make our own overloads if desired but keep spritebatches batching efficiency. Though you could rebuild monogame and add it. It would be nice to just have it already without fully rebuilding monogame.

There’s been a few similar requests on the github pages as well

Happily making a full overload is easiest of all as a full version just eliminates work done within a draw call directly passing the parameters.
Unhappily the adding of parameters however may actually slow it down.

Not sure i think were waiting for a milestone first though.

Spritebatch is very much optimized now. It would be a waste not to open that up for everyone to use for alternate things like particles your own text methods ect…

Anybody else suddenly got hit by 22 day old post updates from the end of 2016?



A word of caution, my writing style may change soon :stuck_out_tongue:


[20 March 2017]
Moving this week, will be away for a week :frowning:

Lol… I have never seen this kind of thing before

They should have subtitled: “When it’s done” (Duke Nukem, if you see this… :wink: )

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Personally im so pumped “i just can’t wait”.

lol that’s hillarious.