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Aw :frowning:

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Happy New Cycle everyone, may 2018 bring the greatest and most amazing challenges for us all…


Has anybody started a new project lately? can you post some links here for inspiration for others [and me]…

Currently rebuilding my life bit by bit and my house too… cannot wait to get back into coding… think about it each day…

Happy Coding All!

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Just sharing, about 110 minutes to lift-off or a big lesson learned… my hopes are on success…


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Thanks you!


I was ecstatic through the whole thing!


I have tried for a long time to see a liftoff at Cap canaveral or Kourou, but weather, cancellation were never favorable for me.
I was too. I prepared the event with the home cinema to hear like if i were there.
Now we can start to build a base on the moon in no time

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There is a lot to do yet for a moon base, I would imagine something in LEO [Low Earth Orbit] as a staging post for fuel changes etc.

But one thing for certain, the future is SpaceX!

Sure but everyone says mars… How can it be? I mean… So far, ni experience in co’struction of a base on another planet’s etc. The moon would be the perfect spot to practise, abd no so far to get help. Instead of 1 year cycles of improvements between the reception of new pieces

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Well Elon is keen on a Moon base, but time is limited right now to get Mars underway, and because of SpaceX, there is now huge competition to own Mars…

But I believe they do have plans for a moon base, there is an animation or pictorial of it somewhere…

Mars is more exposed to cosmic radiations than the moon, so…
Whatever they do what they want with their money, even if it will be a one way trip.

I’m sure that if someone said “we have to send Man on Encelade” everyone would want to go there too, even if it is not viable

All I can say right now, is, this is surely one of the most historic moments to be alive in. The last when the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed…

They can say it’s Elon Musk, he is known for its excentricity etc…
Nonetheless, 18 satellites launches done over 18 planned last year, when the Esa did only 15 over 20 planified…
It still the most impressive thing of what Man can do today, I totally agree with you :wink:
I may add a model of the FalconHeavy in my space game :slight_smile:

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Which game? or is it on the plan list?

I’v started it in parallel of my engine but I don’t communicate a lot about it, I prefer spending my time programming it :wink:


Would anybody be interested in a tutorial on setting up a MonoGame Dev Environment for VS 2017 and Windows 10?

> Stephen Hawking dies aged 76


Tis a sad day…

On a brighter note.
Well i finally got a new computer after my old one passed away.

I guess you didn’t get that GPU I sent then… Oh well, I tried :sweat_smile: what specs on the new system? Please say DX 12 FL: 12.1 at least and SM 5.1


Oh, and welcome back!

What’s FL 12? Fuc.ing Latency? (20 chars)