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It’s quite interesting but also annoying hardware wise…

Ya i got a good deal on a Amd Ryzen 3 with a Radeon Vega on board card. I would imagine its got max dx12 caps as its new.

It’s nice to work on a old comp though, as i can immediately see stresses from stuff i code. But i guess its time to join the modern age lol.

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I do the same with my netbook, it is so slow it shows immediatly where the slowing down occurs.

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Anybody else, notice this?:


So, I got 3D MonoGame running on my RPi3 that I got today… I think I need to put a fan in it lol

Windows 10 IoT, in case anybody was wondering…

Will make a video if people want it and when I get a fan for my Pi, I already have heat sinks, but that really is not enough… and no, it got hotter running the Linux OSs too…


Ordered a twin fan heat sink :stuck_out_tongue: Exciting things ahead…


Posted a video to my Instagram [you don’t need to be a member to see things, currently viewable from https://www.instagram.com/p/BgtVOgQhSF0 ] will be removed later tonight, was getting severe tearing above 640x480, could be heating issue, so will try again tomorrow when the cooler arrives and test above 640x480, aiming for 1280x720-60p


I got my active cooling fans, need to write a thermals monitoring app…

That should at least stop the tearing if it actually is syncing.
graphics.SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace = true;

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Will check, the demo is not really optimised as such, but if that helps with the tearing at higher resolutions, ooooooh should be exciting to run a benchmark on it!

Ir helped for 640x480 but above that, it still tears… maybe I need to force 30fps refresh…


Though it still jitters

Good lord endless computer troubles new comps faulty.

Did you guys see this.

That’s from like two years ago

Oh its new to me i just randomly saw it on you tube wonder whats going on with that now.

The headsets finally came out this past half year or so, but not the HoloLens which I think is a right shame… Microsoft are taking far too long to bring out decent devices to the market and getting defeated before they even release… I had to buy an iPhone and iPad recently as a result… really angry about that…

It’s been available for a while now. Just costs a whopping $ 3,000. They’ve been focused less on a hardware unit and more a platform of sorts, encouraging all of these Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the like that are much cheaper (pretty sure those are all tethered though and require a slave machine).

Don’t forget that their 3rd eye renders are all at full opacity, IIRC the thing can only do like 60 / 70 % opacity.

Dev Kits yes, I was referring to retail…

Grr… lost my admin tools again, due to a month of being absent?

Several topics are not correctly listed, and then noticed I couldn’t edit the category…

Oh well, try to help and unable to do so… ‘sigh’

Anyway, on a positive note, I should be back to studying again soon!


Oh and almost forgot to mention, almost died last week in a RTC [Road Traffic Collision] where the driver was entirely at fault, YAY IDIOTS! so, body in pain but still alive :slight_smile:

Yikes… (20 chars)

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My first time seeing this thread. Can I get a tl;dr? I joke ofc! Just the highlights :wink:

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OMG. Hope all is well.

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