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This community is too quiet, and it really bothers me.
I would have wished more dynamism, more maintained libs, a broader ecosystem.


I was worried I was the only one feeling bored over the weekends… :sake:

That is another reason I created this thread, for a chat place without cluttering the forum, so yeah we finally have an off-topic thread going :slight_smile:

I was wondering, I know you can use some physics tools like one named Farseer?, but I plan to create my own, has anybody done this too?

it would be hard to compete against farseer. Why not working on a GUI lib? this is what the community would need the most.


Not competing, just internal, not reselling it… yet… I am working on my own engine… with MonoGame at its core…

My choice of development approach is not the same as others, I am not multi-platform targeting as such I already have the ideal GUI/UI available for my needs.

As such I cannot contribute anything towards such as my skills are not that advanced yet…

My biggest issue is Physics, I need it for my games, but I want complete control over it and I feel the best way is to only use the bits I need, also I wish to reduce paperwork associated with legal documents upon release of each game for now… I only need rigid body dynamics, rolling, collision, gravity [LOL] and dynamic interaction of rigid bodies, no fluid dynamics etc., so a physics system that does not need to concern itself with an extended library which can be optimised internally without relying on outside support or having to study an entire library for a small factor, and honestly it takes just as long to make your own, so I chose that path… I just need to understand and convert the code…

I found a good book on the matter recently and I am working through it slowly however I will require support in converting the code a little as it is all in PSEUDO code [RARE! took me five years to find a book like this and it was only released in its current form in 2012, these guys do not market their books well enough…] and some things I am uncertain how to convert into code… most of the code I can but just a few bits I cannot understand what their representation in code would be… I might post about it in the coming weeks/months…

I have a few games planned, and 2/4 that I have planned are strategy based where one is casual strategy with the possibility of having a multiplayer element and another action strategy with multiplayer guaranteed to be a part of it… another is a racing game, and another is a platformer type… all in a 3D engine…

What about you? any planned projects?

I am also working on websites with ASP.NET

I’m spending most of my time on a website for a client.

Couple of days ago I started working on a Vector graphics renderer library. Not sure how far I’ll go, but I’d like to implement part of the W3C SVG specification.

In .NET?

Cool, in MonoGame or JavaScript?

No game projects?

Yes, Asp MVC. I’m a 10 years .NET developer.

It’s a vector graphics renderer for Monogame, yes. So far it’s just taking vector shapes as input, and turn them into flat meshes. Later on I’d like to implement strokes, gradients, textures… and mouse handling. It’s basicaly something that would be used as a base for a GUI lib.

I do have a game project in mind, but I’ll start when I’ll have more time.


I just started last month with ASP.NET using MVC…

Sounds good for Scaling too; to higher resolutions, however, SVG fonts? ^^
Good thing SVG is basically XML :slight_smile:

I am also going into electronics

So I realised my YouTube channel has some videos listed as public today, I thought everything was private or deleted…

Here are two programming related videos that are on the same thing, Physics, I used PhysX for these with a now obsolete programming language…

Set playback to 1.5 or 2 to speed things up… 1.5 seams ok…


When did this happen?

This can only be good news!

Hi community,

I really love MonoGame and the community and I really want to help here in the forum but I can’t spend much time here in the forum and in MonoGame in general for some reasons:

  1. I’m not a professional games developer it’s a hobby to me
  2. I’m a newbie creating games so my knowledge about MonoGame and XNA is very limited. Thankfully I did sometime ago a 3D project using OpenGL but it was some time ago so I’m reading the OpenGL superbible book again.
  3. I don’t have internet at home so I’ve to access the forums in the working time at the work office (so the weekends to me are even more bored than yours @MrValentine and @raizam)
  4. And last but not least English isn’t my first language so you know… I’ve to think twice what I’m gonna write plus taking care of my orthography.

I usually spend 1 or 2 hours daily late in the night learning the MonoGame API and creating a simple game. That’s all the time I can spend on it thankfully almost every day. Here I’m publishing the progress of the game https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLRbAF7IwOpZJmKvMDzwhQU_JOZaySDdq

Currently all sprites are taken from the original Galaxian from Atari corporation so I can do a quick prototype.

I’ve started to read from time to time the MonoGame source code with the hope that some day (not too long) I can help developing the API but with the current knowledge I’ve about the API it’s not possible.

@MrValentine I didn’t know that you’re blind. I’m so sorry about that :frowning: but at the same time I fell impressed by your iron will.

Well… now you know a little about me.

I wanna say Thank you to all the developers out there that keep this project alive and all the developers that spend their time helping others in this forum.

By the first time I think I found the place where I want to be and collaborate.

Thank you once again.


The replies in this message are a bit fractured due to how the quote feature works…so I apologise…

Having you here is good enough, as this is a disconnected communication platform, as long as you are able to pop in often and from time to time, all should be well :slight_smile:

I can relate to this from earlier this year, was disconnected for an entire month and a half… literally just the meagre connection on my tiny mobile… zero productivity at the time… I did however get some further C# studying done… but yeah, I know the suffering of being disconnected for any amount of time… not that I do not mind a break away from it, but it has to be a choice :stuck_out_tongue:

English might be my primary choice language, however… my memory does not help in being witty oftentimes. I think you manage your English well.

Not bad, not my kind of game [Vision issues lol] but it shows you have a good grasp on maths there with all the transform going on… try to be careful about copyright even if early days… unless it is public domain or creative commons type licencing…

Have you looked at some books? Adam Dawes did a good one…

I wish I had the capacity to enhance it too…

Believe me, I know how important this can be.

I can reflect this same opinion and thinking… :sake:

A little often goes a long way to understanding :slight_smile:

You know, some things occur differently when you have a disability, you naturally fight against it and overcome and as a result; ignore it… however that only works for so long… thank you for the comment though it helps :slight_smile:

No need to be sorry, it was from birth and is becoming worse according to my most recent visit to the eye hospital… still further tests to come… I fully intend to write in depth about it in my memoir which I wish to release around April 2017, just around my birthday…

I want to write some useful posts surrounding coding in C# and MonoGame… but perhaps I can run a ‘How it’s done’ type of series instead? any thoughts on this?

Hey everyone… Testing the waters of this thread…

Whats cool in programming these days? Whats regrettable?

WHY, WHY, WHY! does this place literally die on the weekend?

Please don’t post something that would lock this thread @monopalle

I have resumed my Web Dev studies once more… ASP.NET I really love it so much!

A month ago my studies stalled due to personal issues… however two days ago I looked over the book I am studying and saw that Database implementation was just a few pages away [About 40-50 pages] compared to another book I had which placed it at the back of the book making it comparatively 600 pages away… feel more energised to resume studying now…

Will have to review what I have written above for when I launch my new blog site, using a custom engine :slight_smile:

Have you considered web development?

Are you serious? What did I say?

You said:

But keep in mind Mods can see removed posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, how was that problematic? Do we really need to make this forum another ‘PC’ battleground? Especially the general conversation thread?

Seriously, you asked a question and I answered it… What is your problem?

This reminds me of my previous forum where someone argued that a parent would suddenly peep over their kids shoulder and see something foul… and then remove them from the site entirely… :joy:

Not saying be PC, but be in respect of this being an any and all age type of forum :slight_smile: We should inspire and that other stuff I cannot think of right now… Lead by umm… impression?.. hmm… food time…

I guess because I lived in the US, which is hyper-sensitive to language in public spaces and media, I have been trained to allow language that is NOT beeped out by censorship…

Especially humorous water-cooler banter about the “death of forums” during weekends.
Yeah, DEATH, that’s what you said… Pretty harsh, isn’t it?

How do you think it feels to deal with REAL death, and then come here to have people like you throw it around for laughs?

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