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Yeah, this part bummed me a bit, but I will see what benefits .Net Std :wink: 2+ and Core 3+ bring and relearn that soon…

I am wondering if people are interested in seeing a development blog on this forum, at least until I get an actual blog up and running… custom made one; not one of those silly ones…
Any feedback is welcome… including things people would like to see… my intent is to showcase what can be done with MonoGame, not actual code…

So, as Microsoft has pulled a Microsoft on me as usual, I have focussed my studies to MonoGame now.

Anyone got new projects planned for this year?

In case anybody wanted to change their Avatar…


Just place your username in the caps section, IN LOWER CASE

Sorry guys, having to walk away from this for a while, happy coding all.

Hope all is well and I hope to see you again around here.


Hi @throbax, thank you, will see…

Can I still post here?


So, I have just another 25 posts to catch up on [Of the 240 that were made since my hiatus began, Yes I read EVERYTHING!], should finish them in the next few hours, I was wondering if anybody wanted more YouTube videos on working with MonoGame and surrounding topics, such as Blender modelling and stuff…

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Do you really need to write something to every single post?

Having a nice day too, how about you?

Yes, the community needs more videos and articles about using the software! I’m not sure that putting them in this community thread is the best for discoverability though. Maybe make some videos and tutorials on using .NET Core 3 (the new hotness) or UWP Monogame (for those that find it inspiring to see their games on an XBox). I’m looking to do the same thing here soon too.

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Naturally they would be more discoverable :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂.

I was thinking to create content on what C# basics a user needs to know to get started as I do like creating visual graphics which explain concepts clearly. I could put a book together as well.

My focus is always UWP so that will be my focus though code wise, it would still be functional nevertheless I suppose.

Thank you :pray:.


Get the feeling everyone is a bit salty in October, RW as well as DW…

So, while looking at using VB with C#, I thought earlier, what about C++/CLI .NET… and then I found this post:

Just bear with the horrible grammar in that article, anyway, this got me thinking, writing a server service using C++/CLI .NET, could be interesting, provided I can mix it with ASP.NET too…

Anyone got some experience with C++/CLI?

c# 4.0 +

Didn’t even know this existed.

Export attribute.

Has anyone used this for interop between application process, I was thinking two separate monogame app process might be able to communicate with it, aka popup mono-game windows.

It looks like this is heavily being worked on in core
core github system.componentmodel.composition

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Some issues relate to file access, but yeah it is doable but totally a mindblow to code against unless you really understand threading and network messaging etc.

But, could possibly be used with shared data and dual monitors for some serious 1v1 or 2v2 local play!

But for editors, yeah!


Umm I might have been thinking of something else, tired right now, seem to have a case of insomnia lately


While looking into this, I reminded myself that you can use MSWords spellchecker in your apps if Office is installed :ok_hand:


How has this post gotten so many views?


Wondering if creating an A Link To The Past style multiplayer game might be worth the effort?

Success! I got video working with audio in sync smooth and with real time playback too! To boot, it also scales with the game window…

The kicker? it still loads the game in the background ready for the player to enjoy the main menu once done!

Still fiddling, just need to be able to control the main view to switch media should the game call for an end credits or something later in the game, forgot how to do it now but should be able to find it again somewhere!

Feels good though!

Hi dear reader, yes you!

Could use some feedback on this work in progress graphic for beginner tutorials. Honestly, could really use some description tips for the outlined bits in the middle. Had a rough weekend, unable to concentrate.

And yes, I added the XNA logo for the kicks :slight_smile:


Fairly intuitive is there a forward button for more instructions.

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I suppose I could release examples with demonstrative code in future?

Might be a interesting way to make a tutorial.

A picture or some spritebatched code with a next button that triggers a example of that code running.
With a next button in it to more code and on and on rinse and repeat.

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