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Cool initiatve Mr. Valentine! if I’m still developing 3D in MG I would really love to join, but ATM I’m interested on a project to remove everything DirectX(SharpDX) and OpenGl(OpenTK) and support only Vulkan in MonoGame source :wink:

With that said, only Xbox platform will be left in the cold : ) but who knows if Xbox Scarlet will eventually support Vulkan like PS5 and Switch, Etc…

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That kind of puts my concern int hw ind really, it makes no sense for MG to be DX free, so with what I have been hearing lately, I don’t know if spending time with MG would be time invested for me now.

My only interested markets are the XBOX and Windows 10, though I do now own a switch, still, I would rather support something functional such as xbox and Win10…

But thanks, it will be for a 3D engine…

Actually it will be something for us to build from and understand how to integrate everything with your own engine.

I tend to get very verbose with my explanation posts though, so, long, they will be haha…

Thanks for the input guys!

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Well, how is everyone doing, it would appear more people have time for coding and I feel compelled to finish some games off before going back into coding again, would need a refresher on C# too at this point,

Purchased a Switch, and got myself a true gem of a game, Star Ocean R, hoping they release the next game in the series, it reminded me why I wanted to make games way back in the day.

Stay well and healthy all.

Watch out, starting to get time again, and I found an old video of mine:

Made that back in 2015 for a game concept idea I had, I wonder how easy it will be to do that in MG?

How is everyone going?

Hey! - cool demo there.

How it’s going? I’m looking into loading data from XML faster. It’s not the best.

I need to talk to someone who knows XML and games. And I don’t know anyone with those qualifications at all… Total snooze-fest.

What are you looking to do, I can only advise for UWP.

If you would like to help, I have posted a few times today asking about it. Basically, my game just takes too long to load levels… I think my XML stuff is correct, it just takes time to instantiate all the objects from the data… So now I might have to learn about multi-threading - Loading the next room, while player completes current room…

It’s either that, or some little loading animation at every door… I see this in other games, but I like the transition-free doors…

Have you ever done sneaky back-ground loading / instantiation?

Thanks, forgot to respond to this.

Just fill the screen with a solid colour and unveil, don’t try to do something smart, other than maybe an animated icon/emblem or a bar divided by the number of objects.


I am still behind on 22 new posts. A bit busy today.