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Do you mean a Console App, in what framework, Core/Standard?

Or do you mean a MG 3.8 and get a font to put “Hello World” on the screen?

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Oh shoot, I thought about that and forgot it totally!

UWP 3.8 Nuget…


Just the Cornflower Blue…



VS 2019 too?

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How do you get build times, I have no time stamp in my output screen. Counting in my head, it’s ~5 seconds when I hit rebuild.

Double tap on mouse and phone timer app

What CPU?


So, should be about the same then, 7~ seconds as well

Double tap what now?!


Tap Mouse and Phone timer at the same time…

I see you too are a 64 kind of guy!



OK, with my clumsy click and tap of my phones timer, it’s just under 6 seconds. It’s in Debug

30 seconds in Release for a rebuild.

I am guessing your RAM is above 2400 then…


Did you build run or just build?

just build.

Test - but I suspect it to be the same - clicking the green arrow… so, click the build and run button and time that to the moment the full window shows up with Cornflower Blue

Start new instance with Debug, from click to blue screen 6 seconds.

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I am doing a clean first, then run new isntance, will do Release mode now

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Yea, 31 in Release mode.

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Would be interesting to see how some other systems compare, I will test my other systems perhaps later today or in the coming days, likely in a few hours…

Factors I think make a difference:

CPU: Model, Baseclock and theoretical Peak and Core/Thread counts
RAM: Size and Speed
SSD: Model name and Size
HDD*: Just don’t bother lol
Did I miss anything that may affect the timings?

Thanks for Participating!

My specs:

[Currently tested 1/5]
Intel Ghost Canyon NUC
Intel Core i9 9980HK 2.4 ~ 5.0GHZ 8C16T
64GB 2x32GB RAM @ 2400mhz
Intel 760p 2TB
Result [UWP XAML 3.8 VS19]: Debug[~7-10s], Release Native[~33-46s]

I suppose people can input their specific setups, if we get enough testers, I suppose we could compile a graphic for the fun of it…


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Yep, that is getting you that extra ~1s or so


Sounds tiny but when you scale it up, huge impact!

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